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Texas Kickboxing reviews show our dedication to be recognized as Katy's premiere martial arts school. We are 100% committed to offering the best quality martial arts instruction to people of all ages and skill levels. Take a look at Texas Kickboxing reviews and see why we believe Texas Kickboxing Academy is the industry leader in martial arts training in Cinco Ranch , Katy, and Houston.

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The techniques, self-esteem, self-confidence and overall physical fitness these classes have provided us will last for many years to come. It’s a sport that has allowed a father and son to spend quality time together while learning self-defense training.

Mr. Costa,

Joining and working out at Texas Kickboxing Academy in Katy has been a wonderful experience for my entire family. In the two years we have been part of the TKA family my children’s confidence is ever increasing and the workouts continue to challenge me. It is great to have an activity that parents and children can participate in together.

Mr. Bosesch,