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Texas Kickboxing reviews show our dedication to be recognized as Katy's premiere martial arts school. We are 100% committed to offering the best quality martial arts instruction to people of all ages and skill levels. Take a look at Texas Kickboxing reviews and see why we believe Texas Kickboxing Academy is the industry leader in martial arts training in Cinco Ranch , Katy, and Houston.

Read Texas Kickboxing reviews from every walk of life - martial arts kids , muay thai police, jiu jitsu chefs, kickboxing housewives - and see why you should Contact us today and sign up for a free kickboxing class!

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I’ve been with Texas Kickboxing Academy since the beginning. I am working towards my 4th degree black belt and am enjoying every class. The instructors are professional yet personal. It's fun and tough! I couldn't imagine not being a part of this school...I feel like part of a team! The school is family oriented and has a great mix of kids and adults (both men and women). I highly recommend this school to anyone...friends and family alike!

Ms. Harvey,

TKA has made me more disciplined, confident, and happier with my life. I have lost a considerable amount of weight and I am excited about my new journey towards the black belt. No matter what your goals are; I believe TKA is a positive place for you to be. At TKA you will receive the encouragement and self-confidence you need to become a better person.

Ms. Homer,

As a federal police commander for the Department of Homeland Security and an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, the Academy’s training program has benefited my professional work by increasing my proficiency in defensive tactics and martial arts, and has kept my physical skills at a high level so I am always prepared to respond effectively to any law enforcement situation.  As a martial arts and physical conditioning enthusiast, the Academy has helped me stay in top physical shape and has taught me the latest techniques to better train myself and improve my overall conditioning

Mr. Consolini,

Whether you are feeling stress at your job, having relationship problems, or having any other problems, TKA is a great place to forget about all that and make you find a reason why life is great.

Mr. Torres ,