Kids Martial Arts

Katy Kids Martial Arts - Katy Kids Kickboxing

Katy Kids Martial Arts

Kids martial arts provides benefits well beyond physical fitness and self-defense. These include:
• Increased self confidence
• Increased self-respect & assertiveness
• Increased perseverance & determination
• Increased strength, flexibility & coordination
Increased mental focus & concentration
• Development of conflict resolution skills & emotional intelligence
• Establish a connection between the body and the mind
• Learning to set & achieve goals
• Weekly leadership & life skill lessons

Junior Basic Kids Martial Arts

Our Katy kids martial arts - junior basic program - offers children a fun & challenging environment while instilling valuable life skills. Our kids martial arts program helps students develop physically, mentally, & emotionally. Our professional instructors engage all students, recognizing positive behavior & attitude in learning, not just a child's aptitude for learning. No child sits on the bench.

Students in our Katy kids martial arts class learn basic punches that build speed & strength, kicking techniques that enhance flexibility and movement, & combinations that develop coordination & cardiovascular fitness. From punches & crunches to kicks & push-ups, students in our junior basic program develop a high level of physical fitness while learning valuable self-defense skills. In addition to the physical training, the junior basic curriculum also provides leadership training and bully prevention techniques.

Junior Advanced Kids Martial Arts

Our junior advanced kids martial arts program continues to build on fundamentals while incorporating more advanced punching combinations and kicking techniques. Students who choose to spar can practice these techniques in a safe and controlled setting. The advanced program also allows students to cross-train in Brazilian jiu jitsu, wrestling, and martial arts safety weapons such as nunchaku and escrima. Cross training in these disciplines keeps kids motivated and looking forward to coming back to class. The lessons learned through kids martial arts extend far beyond the kids martial arts classroom.

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