Martial Arts in Katy

Martial Arts in Katy: Training For All Skill, Fitness & Age Levels

Classes at Texas Kickboxing Academy in Katy are designed for men, women, and kids of all fitness levels - from beginners to advance. No previous martial arts experience is required. Our classes help students build a greater sense of confidence, strength, and self-esteem. Texas Kickboxing Academy in Katy welcomes you to experience our professional staff, flexible class schedule , and our modern-day approach to martial arts training.

We understand that each student comes to our academy with his or her own individual goals and fitness needs. We also recognize that starting a martial arts program may be intimidating and this is why we invite you to participate in a free one on one introductory kickboxing class . Our instructors will take you on a tour of the academy, find out exactly what you want to learn from the martial arts, and take you through your first physical lesson. During this lesson you will experience the physical benefits of our program, and be introduced to the culture of our school and the professionalism of our staff.

Texas Kickboxing Academy is a full-time professional Martial Arts academy. We offer classes six days a week, all supervised by a certified martial arts staff that will get the most out of your training, no matter what your goals may be.

Texas Kickboxing Academy offers martial arts , kickboxing and jiu jitsu with top quality instruction and professional staff, all within a family-friendly training environment for all ages. Come in and see how we can make a difference in you and your family’s life today.

Contact us today and sign up for a free kickboxing class!